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Ford Fiesta ST

If you’ve heard the hype then you’ll know about the Ford Fiesta ST. A better drivers car than it’s bigger brother, the Focus, better steering feel than anything this side of a German Sports Car (Audi, BMW), and accessible power that makes the Fiesta a satisfying and enjoyable experience!

BMW M3 E92 RSR Edition

Our own specially modified and tuned version of the BMW M3 E92.

Porsche GT3 991 RSR Edition

Created as a part of our special Standard Vs. Modified programme (More info here:, this car is also available for Nürburgring Touristenfahrten Sessions and Trackday rentals.

Renault Clio RS200

The latest version of Renault Sport’s iconic hot hatch, the RS200 paddlshift has grown up in every dimension, producing a more capable car, that is easier to drive, and ultimately – faster.


Bucking the tred of the ever larger BMW M cars, the BMW M2 offer many surprises to the performance car jaded, with a decently powerful engine, traditional front-engine rear-drive setup and, firm, sporty ride and sweet straight-six sound track. This no drama, not fuss car really is more than just a nod to the good ol’ days of performance.

Porsche GT3 RS 991

Bigger, faster stronger. The GT3 RS takes the best bit from the Porsche stable, and brings it altogether to create the car by which all others are Benchmarked. Porsche 918 Spyder seats, steering wheel, wheels and tyres, and brakes; Porsche Turbo wide body and the “traditional” rear-drive setup of the GT3 – and the hardest revving naturally aspirated engine: that hallowed 4.0.

VW Scirocco GTS

Picking up the pace with it’s turbo engine and lightening fast DSG automatic gearbox – the VW Scirocco is remarkably easy to drive and surprisingly great on track, thanks to it’s solid chassis.

BMW M4 Competition Package

No longer does it the current rance of mid-large BMW have that glorious V8 sound track. But what the BMW M4 loses in eight cylinder sound, it gains almost everywhere else. The turbos now provide that meaty, torquey push that the old V8 simply couldn’t provide.

Porsche Cayman GTS 981

The 981 Porsche Cayman is already an incredibly capable car. Perfect, some may say. So how do you improve perfection? Porsche had it's work cut out for them with the Cayman GTS, but they've managed the impossible.


This is where the hot hatch market started – the Volkswagen Golf GTI. While some the competition nowadays may have more power, they lack the same control, balance and poise that the Mk 7 Facelift posseses, meaning that in the GTI you can use more of that power, more of the time.

BMW M4 RSR Edition

Our own specially modified and tuned version of the BMW M4.


Naciskasz na gaz i na początku Ferrari wydaje się spokojny, ale to tylko jego sztuczka. Po chwili Ferrari pokazuję swoją prawdziwą stronę. Silnik zaczyna ryczeć, a wydech strzela – wszystko to daje niesamowicie uczucie.

Wyświetlanie 1–12 z 23 wyników