Car Type: 5. Road Tour Only Cars
Availability: Nürburgring Road Tour, Nürburg & Spa Mega Tour, Sports Cars & Castles Tour,
Engine: V12, 6.3 litre
Output: 730hp, 690Nm
Weight: 1525kg
Type: Front Engined, Rear Wheel Drive
Steering: Left Hand Drive
Transmission: Automatic


Living on the knifes edge. With 730hp. The Ferrari F12berlinetta pulses with energy and presence. This is an astonishngly fast, all-devastating, road going rocket. While it may take a madman to explore the limits of the car, anyone can appreciate the potential and exceptional nature of the beast.



Please note: This car is only available for road tours, not for track use.

Press the throttle, and at first, the Ferrari seems muted. But it’s tricking you. Explore further and all you get is an overload of aural goodness. The engine starts to scream and the exhaust crackles and pops – all giving you that amazingly gooey feeling. Dynamically, the Ferrari is of course amongst the best. Light, nimble, and even a little nervous, the car is nevertheless sure footed and amazingly grippy. High speed stability is it’s party piece.

A truly amazing feat of engineering to behold, the long bonnet GT style body with active flaps to aid in airflow and cooling – everything combines to make the car truly unbelieveable.


Press Quote

…The mighty 599’s replacement is Ferrari’s fastest ever road car. A 730bhp tour de force.

– Topgear.com (link…)


At a Glance


  • Special conditions apply for driving this car
  • The most powerful production Ferrari
  • A proper supercar
  • For dry weather only
  • Left hand drive options only

What is an excess? What happens in a crash? More information here…

Please note: Special conditions apply for driving this car. Please enquire about our hiring policies for the Ferrari F12berlinetta.


Road Tour Prices
Nürburgring Road Tour Sports Cars & Castles Tour Nürburg & Spa Mega Tour
€2499 €3499 €5499
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Please Notes: Tours with fewer than 3 customer cars will require a Private Tour upgrade fee. Special hiring conditions apply to the Ferrari F12.